Etat émotionnel

State-of-the-art technology

Our emotions now come from complex and multidimensional phenomena. The combination of cutting-edge technologies and our expertise allows IRONOVA to offer a technology that detects and quantifies your emotional state: Emotion Sense™.

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Digital entertainment (video games and eSports).
Adapts the gameplay to the emotional state of the user to make the game experience unique via a new interactive dimension, and also by displaying, in real time, the emotional state of the player alongside his game statistics. Useful for user research, interaction and performance optimization.

Health and well-being (medical facilities).
Offers permanent assistance for health care teams (staff safety, well-being monitoring, diagnostic assistance, detection of wandering, etc.).

Man-machine interaction (transport, home automation).
Allows emotional data to be used to improve the user experience (adaptation of advanced driver assistance systems according to the driver’s condition, passenger monitoring before the vehicle is taken over, adaptation of the sound, visual and thermal environment according to comfort level, etc.). The solution also provides objective feedback on products or services.

how does it work ?


The Emotion Sense™ technology is integrated into our range of connected bracelets, which are equipped with different sensors (heart rate, skin temperature, electro-dermal activity and movement).

These sensors allow the wearer’s activity to be collected with laboratory precision.


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Signal processing and artificial intelligence
Based on the latest scientific advances, the Emotion Sense technology ™ implements signal processing algorithms and artificial intelligence (machine learning) to identify emotional patterns finely and non-invasively. Emotion Sense™ combines the signals collected by our bracelets to identify the emotional experience in real time.

Embedded electronics and software
Our connected bracelets all contain an autonomous electronic system embedding the Emotion technology Sense™. Equipped with powerful, reliable and secure components, the bracelets receive data from the various sensors and allow wireless communication (Bluetooth Low Energy 5 and Wifi), this in full autonomy.





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