Improved user experience thanks to emotional data

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) integrated into interactive systems does not take into account your emotional state, whereas this data is crucial to improve your user experience. With IROSmart and its Emotion Sense technology, IRONOVA offers AIs the opportunity to know and adapt to your emotions in interaction situations such as driving, controlling a safety system or even when you are at home !

EMotion sense  sdk


You can add a new dimension of interaction with your product, services to your users through the integration of IROsmart
With our free development kit you can integrate IRO smart into your offer to integrate personalized services and offer an unprecedented quality of interaction.

technical specifications

 The bracelets are supplied with multiple loading stations that allow you to simply load about ten bracelets
The bracelet consists of two parts, a capsule and a flexible bracelet with electrodes. A bracelet has an autonomy of up to one week.